Our children's children will one day know the legend of this battle.
  —Guru Llama, Kung Fu Panda Issue 1  

Guru Llama is a character that appears in the story "173 Assassins" from the first issue of the Kung Fu Panda comic books. He's the revered spiritual leader of Chen Wei, an island at the farthest corner of China.


In Kung Fu Panda #1

In the story "173 Assassins", it was told by Po how Guru Llama was raised on the island of Chen Wei under the teachings of monks to become a noble spiritual leader. He grew to become a wise guru, referred to by others as the "Enlightened One".


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One day, hundreds of assassins came traveling by boat in an attempt to kidnap him, and seeing them approach, he proclaimed that the assassins wouldn't cross the borders, and that there was no need to flee to safety. He was proven right as Master Croc then arose from the waters and attacked the boats, using his Kung Fu skills, his mace tail, and delivering quips to his opponents as the llama folk watched in amazement. Guru Llama was impressed by the crocodile warrior's "awe-inspiring, aquatic arsenal of excellence", and declared that Master Croc had defeated a number of one-hundred and seventy-three of the assassins. The crocodile himself remarked it wasn't a bad number, and Guru Llama light-heartedly told him that humility was as important to practice as Kung Fu. Master Croc replied to the guru that his victory on Chen Wei should nevertheless be remembered and retold.


Guru Llama is described as being wise, jolly, and full of surprises. He's seen to have a calm presence, showing no fear when assassins come to kidnap him, while others begin to panic. He is also shown to be quite confident in Master Croc's abilities when onlookers wondered if he could handle the hundreds of assassins by himself.


Master Croc

The guru showed great faith in Master Croc's abilities while the rest of his people were worried as he fought invaders, possibly hinting that he has seen Croc in action before and may know him. Though he was pleased by Croc's victory, he lightly reminded the crocodile warrior to not get too smug, giving a wink after he counted the total number of bandits he'd defeated.


Guru Llama wears a red robe with orange lining and circular symbols on it. He also has a band which holds a topknot on his head.


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