Master Frog is a master of kung fu who was very briefly mentioned.


Not much is known about Frog other than he had participated in an annual kung fu tournament at the Jade Palace at one point, as narrated in one of the chapters of Legend of the Legendary Warrior.[1]


A painting of Master Frog as displayed in the Hall of Warriors

He also has his own painting within the Hall of Warriors, placed next to Master Bull's. It shows him perched on a lily pad next to a lotus flower in the middle of a small body of water (presumably a pond). A short caption below says, "Beware his Musical Mayhem attack."[2]


Coming soon!


  • Frog can also be seen in Kung Fu Panda World in Lily Pad Marsh sitting on a hand of a Master Monkey statue. When clicked upon, Frog will flicker his tongue, jump from hand to hand, and leap into the pond below, and then float back up to the statue in a bubble. He also has a scroll named after himself in the game called "Master Frog's Leap".[3]



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