Master Flying Rhino is a legendary master of kung fu who has been briefly mentioned in the Kung Fu Panda series.


In his lifetime


Master Flying Rhino's armor, as displayed in the Hall of Warriors in Kung Fu Panda

One tale tells of the armor he used in a bloody battle against the warriors of Guangdong Province. Triumphing over the weary battle, his armor still bears the scars of the stealthy lizard assassins' spinning butterfly knives, which were the only weapons of the warriors who were able to get close enough to make a mark.[4]

It is also said that Flying Rhino was the martial arts teacher of Commander Vachir and had personally recommended him to Master Oogway to be the chief in charge of Tai Lung's incarceration. Flying Rhino mentioned him to be the only one brave enough, strong enough, and ruthless enough for the job.[1]

His son, Thundering Rhino, also studied under him.[2]

In Secrets of the Masters


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Flying Rhino made a cameo appearance in the imagination of young Thundering Rhino. After Oogway mentioned to him (as well as Ox and Croc) of how stopping the Wu Sisters would bring them "riches", Rhino imagined how he would earn the respect of his father by hearing him say, "I'm proud of you, my son."

In Kung Fu Panda


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While Po was gawking at all the historical artifacts on display in the Hall of Warriors, he immediately recognized Flying Rhino's armor, commenting on its "authentic battle damage" (referring to the scratches).


Other than presumably being a brave and heroic figure, Flying Rhino's son also envisioned him as a proud father, as he was shown to be pleased with his son's achievements.[5]


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His son

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From what is seen of his brief appearance in Thundering Rhino's mind, Flying Rhino wore a robe with shoulder covers that jutted out to a point, very similar to that of his son's robe in Kung Fu Panda 2.[5] However, he has not been seen wearing his famous armor at any point in the franchise.



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