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"Father Crime" is the twenty-fifth episode from season one of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.



When Shifu's father returns to the Jade Palace, Po thinks the family reunion will be so sweet. He soon learns that Shifu and his father don't get along.[2]


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The episode starts off with Po and Tigress walking in the woods with Po annoying Tigress with his fanboy ways. Then they hear something and look over a ledge to see the Croc Bandits(a Reccuring group of clumsy, weak, and incomptent bandits) robbing an elderly man and threatening him. Po and Tigress confront the bandits and the bandits tell them that the old man robbed their boss. When Tigress asks who their boss is, Ghari(second in command bandit) says Tong Fo, a notorious crime boss known to scare everyone with his eyes. The fight starts and the bandits are all humiliated and retreat. Even the elderly man manages to fight some of them. The old man reveals is name to be Shirong, Shifu's father...

As the three head to the Jade palace, Shifu is not happy to see his father back. It is revealed the two had a bad history together. Shifu says his dad is a con man and a thief. He allows Shirong to stay but only for one night.

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