The Dream Battle of the Valley of Peace was a struggle between the Legendary Warrior and the Blackhoof Boar Clan that took place in the Valley of Peace (in Po's dream).


Po has a dream in which he is a legendary warrior. While traveling through the Valley of Peace in search of "worthy foes", he comes across a rabbit being chased by several members of the Blackhoof Boar Clan. The rabbit desperately turns to Po for help, who without hesitation proceeds to fight off the bullies with little effort. After rescuing the rabbit, Po makes his way through the village, fighting and defeating scores of Boar bandits along the way.

After defeating a particularly large and brutish bandit, Po enters a nearby restaurant and helps himself, only to be provoked into fighting once again when a bandit threatens him and destroys his meal. After a long battle within the building, the bandits pile onto Po, who escapes by bursting through the roof and blasting the bandits away with a flash. Po continues to fight bandits until he is confronted by a large boar wielding the legendary Sword of Heroes. Though this foe is more powerful than the others, Po is unfazed and soundly defeats him. Just as he is savoring his victory, however, the infamous snow leopard, Tai Lung, suddenly bursts out of a nearby building in giant form, and threatens the warrior. Po becomes surrounded by warrior wolves, but then is awoken from his dream by Mr. Ping before anything else can happen.



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