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Some of the group's bandits, led by Fung (center)

The Croc Bandits is the unofficial name given to a group of crocodile bandits in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. They are led by Fung.



In Legends of Awesomeness


Fung and the Croc Bandits

The Croc Bandits make frequent appearances over the course of the series. Their first appearance was in "The Princess and the Po", where they decided to target Princess Mei Li's large supply of gold, jewels, and fabric. Though they were mostly beaten by the kung fu warriors (Po, Tigress, and Mantis) defending the princess, they succeeded in taking all of their supplies, leaving behind a single jug of water. They were later seen having a debate over the loot, where they were discovered by the group they had robbed earlier. They were subsequently attacked and defeated.

They appeared again in "Chain Reaction", where they managed to chain Tigress and Po together, thus slowing them down. In the end, they got the statue they were after (which Po and Tigress had had the task of guarding), but at some point during the battle, Po grabbed the ruby from the statue, the real prize the crocodiles wanted. Later, the bandits captured Tigress, with Fung commanding her to hand over the ruby. She kicked him and told Fung that she didn't have it. Fung then ordered a machine to crush her, but it was turned the wrong way to do this, much to his frustration.

Eventually, Po found the bandits, and threw a rock to distract the them. They spread out in alarm and Po was able to free Tigress. The Croc Bandits (other than Fung) surrounded them, but they where easily defeated by the two kung fu masters. Somehow, Fung got the ruby and prepared to escape on his machine, leaving the other bandits behind. However, Tigress and Po broke the machine, took back the statue and ruby, and defeated Fung.


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Fighting style

Though they do not use kung fu while fighting, the bandits appear to be reasonably skilled with various weapons like nunchucks, axes, and spears.



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With each other

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Tong Fo

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The Croc Bandits wear the same brown belt and bright red pants, wearing nothing aside from leather wristbands from the waist up. Fung is marked as the leader by his traditional Chinese helmet.


  • In some concept art of the croc bandits, Fung was named "Dirk" and another member of the gang was named "Irwin".[1]



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