Master Bull was a master of kung fu who was very briefly mentioned.


Not much is known about Master Bull other than he had participated in an annual kung fu tournament at the Jade Palace at one point, as narrated in one of the chapters of Legend of the Legendary Warrior.[1]


A painting of Master Bull as displayed in the Hall of Warriors

He also has his own painting within the Hall of Warriors, which Po noted to having only seen other paintings of. It shows the Master holding two weapons (which appear to be spiked hammers) in his hands while standing on top of a rock island next to a cliff face with a tree hanging overhead. The painting's caption says, "Master of Hammering Headache Technique."[2]


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  • Master Bull can be found in the online virtual game Kung Fu Panda World. He sometimes, but rarely, appears at the Sacred Peaks, but only if the player summons him by sitting on the rocks nearby in a certain pattern. Once he appears, the player may click on him and a mini-game called "Kung Fu Warriors" will pop up, where the player must battle against Tai Lung's evil army and protect the Valley of Peace from his minions.[3]


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