The Blade of Bao Ding is a legendary weapon that was very briefly mentioned by Po in Secrets of the Masters. The blade once belonged to Master Eagle, but its exact origins are currently unknown.


Though unconfirmed, the blade may possibly share some resemblance to a trowel, seeing how Po mistook the trowel Shifu handed him in Secrets of the Masters for the legendary blade.



There is nothing else known about the blade other than what was briefly mentioned in Secrets of the Masters. According to Po, the blade once belonged to Master Eagle, who used it to defeat the Hyenas of Handan.

In Secrets of the Masters


Shifu with the trowel Po mistook for the blade

After having broken into the new Masters' Council exhibit by making a hole in the roof, Po was ordered by Shifu to repair it and handed him a trowel. Po at first thought it looked like another legendary weapon and tried making a few guesses to what it could be. The Blade of Bao Ding was one.


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