The Belt of Cosmic Cohesion is a magical artifact featured in the Kung Fu Panda Vol 2 story "Divide and Conquer." It is a golden belt with a buckle that resembles the yin and yang symbol.


The Belt of Cosmic Cohesion was entrusted to Shifu for fear that it would be stolen by sinister powers. Fearing an attempt, Shifu did his best to emphasize harmony and teamwork among the Furious Five and Po, as division between the possessors of the belt could weaken its powers. Regrettably, the Wu Sisters succeeded in sowing disharmony among the Five and then stole the belt from Shifu, whereupon Su Wu donned it. She and her sisters then engaged the Furious Five-minus Tigress, with the belt's power giving them added strength. However, Po was able to weaken their bond by using the Hundred Eye Orb to create multiple illusory copies of himself and disrupt their confidence, and they lost the belt to the Dragon Warrior.


The Belt of Cosmic Cohesion has a number of magical properties, including adjusting its size to fit its wearer. It's most potent effect is greatly bolstering any alliance in which its wearer is engaged, making the bond of unity a power to be reckoned with. However, the belt cannot influence the personalities of its wearer or their allies, and its power can be weakened if these alliance are weakened by dissension or animosity.