The battle between Po and Great Gorilla was a duel between Po and the leader of the gorilla minions that took place in the Wudang Mountains.



When Po and Shifu travelled to the Wudang Temple to further Po's training, they found that Great Gorilla and his Gorilla Minions were invading with the intention of stealing the kung fu relics and destroying the temple. Po and Shifu immediately set out to stop them, and after Po defeated the majority of his gang, a furious Great Gorilla decided to confront him himself.

The battle

After spending the majority of the conflict keeping his distance and hurling boulders at Po to slow him down, Great Gorilla chose to battle the panda himself, with the remainder of his minions joining in to aid their leader. With his ability to create damaging shockwaves by pounding on the ground, Great Gorilla proved to be formidable, but Po was able to take him down with the use of the explosive trap boxes that were scattered throughout the level. After a lengthy battle, Po eventually succeeded in defeating Great Gorilla, who collapsed to the ground.

After his defeat, Great Gorilla was presumably imprisoned along with his gang.



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Coming soon!


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