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• 6/6/2018

Wiki Anniversary Avatars

Happy 10th Anniversary, everyone! As a special anniversary present to all the awesome Kung Fu Panda fans/followers here on the wiki and its social media accounts, I've prepared a batch of Kung Fu Panda-themed avatars, featuring the main and supporting characters of the first film. Feel free to use them on your wiki and social media profiles to celebrate 10 years of Kung Fu Panda!

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• 6/6/2018

Happy 10th anniversary, Kung Fu Panda! Loving this Po cursor!

• 6/7/2018

^ I don't take credit for the cursor. I saved it in my files years ago, but unfortunately can't remember the exact place I found it. It might've been an official KFP website, or a site that makes cursor icons.

But yeah, I like it too. It definitely fits the Kung Fu Panda theme.

EDIT: Yay, found the source! Now I need to go add it to the wiki's Tumblr page. XD

• 6/8/2018

Happy 10th, KFP! :D The wiki's design looks awesome, BTW! ^^

• 6/9/2018
Happy 10th Kung Fu Panda
• 6/10/2018

Happy 10th anniversary

Kung Fu Panda Forever!


• 7/10/2018

Ten years of AWESOMENESS!

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