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Detailed location maps?

Are there schematics, blueprints, or any picture that shows China with all the locations mentioned in the KFP universe (Gongmen City, Lee Da Academy, Wu Fortress for example) and the Jade Palace (everything from high to low - between the first stairstep to the Hall of Warriors). Doesn't matter if it is canon or fan-made.

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  1. Shortened your thread title. In the future, please try to be concise with thread names.
  2. Friendly reminder that we have an Answers Wiki for asking KFP-related questions. Could definitely use more activity there.
  3. Don't know about fan-made (maybe someone's dug around the franchise deeper than I have), but the closest canon thing I know that fits your descriptions is the 3D concept art of Gongmen City and Shen's tower in the Kung Fu Panda 2 art book. Was never lucky enough to get my hands on the first film's art book, but maybe there's some in that one too?
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