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So...the Wanted Pages list is quite lengthy, isn't it? We probably have even more than are indicated since the maximum limit is 1000. I notice a number of them do appear to be redlinks to old polls/blog posts that have since been deleted-don't suppose an admin could do anything about those?

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Nope, can't remove those. They were disabled years ago, even after deleting all of the blog pages first, and they still have red links to them. Notice how the page says there's still links to them (like this one, for example), but you go there and there aren't any links? My guess is it's some kind of a hard-coded bug in the MediaWiki system (which is perfectly possible considering this wiki was created in 2008, when a lot of Wikia's current features didn't exist), but I'm not completely sure.

I could complain about it to Wikia Staff (or "Fandom", not really a fan of their rebranding), but I doubt they'll do anything. They've always seemed to be more concerned about fixing up new looks/features rather than fixing older stuff that doesn't bring in as much web traffic. Had the same experience after complaining multiple times about fixing the Community Corner section on the Wiki Activity page, which doesn't seem to want to correctly display certain web elements, including some of Wikia's own modules. They've told me they've looked into it, but that's all they've ever said and my guess it's a similar situation: some hard-coded thing that would be difficult to fix on a large scale.

It's certain stuff like this that has turned me off of editing on wikis. The buggy stuff with MediaWiki, the lack of customization, all the while putting up with these limitations for years is just getting too annoying for me. :/

But anyway, I like that you're interested in getting that list shortened, though. However, I'm afraid what you see on the wanted pages list is what stays until the actual wanted stuff is created. That's why I added that note to the top of that page, about ignoring certain red links with certain prefixes; there's nothing that can be done about them.


Oh, I know how it works-I've been kicking around various Wikis for ages. That is a pity-it's a shame that the Fandom people don't have some mechanism for dealing with stuff like that.

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