Hey guys,

I'm a big fan of the Kung Fu Panda series as well as its soundtrack. As I am new here, I'd like to get to know everyone with a question. Which track from the KFP, KFP2, and KFP3 are your favorites (one each)? And also, which "theme" is your favorite (a certain musical cue played at times where it is needed, like for example, the Oogway Ascends theme playing when the spirit of Oogway appears, or the Hero theme playing when Po and the Furious Five are fighting). My picks would be:


KFP: Dragon Warrior Rises (love the use of the emotional Oogway Ascends theme and light-heartedness of the middle/end parts of the track)

KFP2: Po Finds The Truth (LOVE Shen's theme blasting when you're not expecting it, this track just really tells a story, and I love the emotional/uplifting themes played as well)

KFP3: The Dragon Warrior (fantastic track, love the usage of the newer Po/Panda theme as well as the incorporation of older themes, just a really uplifting track)


3. New Po/Panda theme. This was introduced in Kung Fu Panda 3 and can be heard in tracks such as "Portrait of Mom", "The Dragon Warrior", and "Father and Son", and is really just a continuation/upgrade of the "Panda Po" theme which was utilized in KFP/KFP2. A really emotional and epic theme. Really hope it is used in future KFP films.

2. Hero theme. This was included in the first track of Kung Fu Panda, and is primarly heard when he is fighting the fictional army in the dream sequence. This is the "fight" theme of the KFP franchise. It was also heavily used in KFP2 (IMO to reflect the fact that Po and the Furious Five now work as a team) and was sparingly used in KFP3 (as Po and the Furious Five had almost no interaction whatsover). Hopefully it's used more in future KFP films.

1. Oogway Ascends theme. The best theme ever. EVER. So emotional, epic, and uplifting. This theme is scattered around the KFP franchise. It can be used emotionally (like in the track from KFP Oogway Ascends and the track from KFP3 Oogway's Legacy, and epically (like in Po Finds The Truth from KFP2, Passing The Torch from KFP3), and of course, there are so many more examples. This is the most recognizable theme of the franchise and has evolved from Oogway's theme into more of the "Dragon Warrior" theme, as it is commonly used now when Po advances himself as the Dragon Warrior. 

What's your picks?