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Did Boss Wolf survive?

A common debate in our community is that of which Boss Wolf was killed by Shen in KFP2. I have recently watched the director's commentary of Kung Fu Panda 2, and Jennifer Yuh Nelson states that Boss Wolf survived his stab wound from Shen. I updated the Boss Wolf's article with this information.

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This probably would've made more sense to put in the comment section for the Boss Wolf article than in the forums... but anyway.

From what I remember, the filmmakers didn't seem to know themselves if Boss Wolf was dead. I think one of the them asked something like "Is he dead?" and someone else said "He just fell." Not exactly a clear answer. So I don't think that KFP 2 commentary can be taken seriously enough to say he's "Alive". Like Tai Lung, the only other time we see him after he gets attacked is in a video game, which isn't much.

I think "Unknown" is a fair way to put his status, but maybe we could leave out the "presumed deceased" part. There's not really any conflicting appearances or answers about his fate, and he did have armor on, so I guess it's plausible he could've survived.


^ Pretty much what Vapor said. To give my brief two cents, though: I personally think he's dead. A knife to the chest (plus his "death gasp" immediately right after) is pretty indicative of death. Though yeah, maybe his armor cushioned the impact a little bit, but that would still leave him pretty badly wounded.

I don't really consider the video game to be canon. I think like the TV series, the story writers probably just looked at what they could use and didn't really pay attention to the logical sense of it. :P

Anyway, I agree that leaving it at "Unknown" is what's most accurate. I already went and made the change to the article.

I also might as well leave a link to the question someone asked on the Answers Wiki:

Was Wolf Boss really killed by Shen's throwing knife?


He's DEAD. Period. He was stabbed by Lord Shen and as he falls to his death, he also might've drowned.

Marino ES said:
He's DEAD. Period. He was stabbed by Lord Shen and as he falls to his death, he also might've drowned.


It cannot be denied that Boss Wolf is undeniably DEAD.
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