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Checklist of Awesomeness

Got swamped today. I need a little help creating new articles, so here's a handy list for anyone who wants to help.

(Technically this page is supposed to be something like this, but there's currently no accurate way to filter it. I think it'll be more useful to have everything here instead.)

I'll add more later, but these are the most recent from today's trailer. If I missed anything, or if there are any other pages that need to be created, feel free to list them in your comment. Thanks.

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Update: Thanks, Vapor, for your help. :)

I'll be keeping this thread around in case I need to make another quick checklist.


Renamed thread "Checklist of Awesomeness" - more suitable name for a checklist thread? :P

For anyone looking for something to do around here (especially the straggling editors I've been seeing lately), I really could use help with these:

  • Update stuff from new KFP3 clip:
    • New articles? (Especially if any new characters were introduced.)
    • New images (It'd be nice to have at least a couple.)
    • Add new info:
  • Add infoboxes (Anything listed here, with reasonable discretion, still needs one.)
  • Add images (Anything listed here, again with discretion, still needs one. If there isn't one or one isn't available YET, use File:No-image.png.)

Will probably add more later. Right now the main focus is on updating stuff from the new clip.


There's really not much new in the clip, tbh. It's mostly just some extended scenes of the panda village and Po meeting a few more random villagers. I think if you've seen the previous trailer, it shouldn't spoil much, if anything, for you.


Haha, I've already seen too much though. :P

It's not so much plot spoilers I'm trying to avoid, though. Trailer are purposely tailored to be somewhat "misleading" by not giving the context of what you see, whereas clips are straight from the film and therefore filled with more context. I want to save the actual, sequential footage of the film for when it comes out, even if it doesn't really reveal anything new.