Due to recent security issues at Wikia and a few select wikis (ours not included), this wiki (and all other wikis) has its JavaScript switched off. This action is temporary, though there has been no specified time frame yet. I'll be updating this thread if anything shows up, but for now, some of the wiki's extra functions will be unable to work.

These specific JavaScript functions are currently disabled:

  • KFP3 countdown (it should now say "Countdown currently unavailable")
  • Spoiler banner functions (the banners themselves are still there, but by default are now permanently open and uncloseable)
  • Page spoiler warning
  • Main Page slider functions (it'll now open each slide's template page when clicked upon)
  • Header clock
  • "Edit summary" auto-filler box
  • Auto-refresh on Wiki Activity, new files lists, logs, watchlists, contribution lists, etc.
  • The show/hide button on some infoboxes and tables
  • Reference popups
  • Wiki staff tags
  • The "Back to Top" button in the bottom toolbar
  • A few others that shouldn't affect wiki activity here too much

EDIT: I also recently noticed that "verbatim" tags have also been disabled, which is the tag that converts extra code for widgets and modules, like our Twitter feed. These will also be disabled until further notice.

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