UPDATE: Now that the English trailer has been released, all Chinese trailer related content is now permitted on this wiki. We will be continuing the use of the spoiler markers for Kung Fu Panda 3 related text for both trailers, but all images and videos will be unmarked.

This is a special announcement to all of our wiki community members, as well as any passers-by that will be browsing our content:

The news

It has been recently reported that the Chinese version of the Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer has already been released online. Because this release conflicts with DreamWorks Animation's recent countdown promos to the English version, the Chinese trailer is being considered as "leaked" information. According to our Spoiler Policy, any content from qualifying spoilers that has been considered "leaked" is automatically marked as spoilers on this wiki.


To keep our online community a spoiler-free environment, we will be implementing the following procedures to any spoiler content related to the Chinese trailer:

  • Ignoring all trailer-related content on social media, so everyone is welcome to safely keep following us on our accounts.
  • Deleting any non-masked images related to the trailer. For instructions on how to upload a masked image onto this wiki, see here.
  • Removing from articles any videos related to the trailer, primarily videos of the trailer itself. The trailer video will remain on this wiki, but because videos cannot be masked by default like images, we won't have them directly viewable on articles.
  • Marking spoiler text as usual via the spoiler markers. For instructions on how to use these, see here.

These changes will remain in effect until June 18, when the English teaser trailer is scheduled for debut.


If you have any comments/questions/suggestions/etc. about this news or these changes, please submit them below.

Thanks everyone! :)