Another of my brainstormed ideas.

A lot of wikis seem to have some kind of application process for their users to request being wiki staff. Though we're not in great need of staff right now, I think having one could be useful for the future. It gives each user a fair opportunity to show their eligibility for doing special tasks around this wiki, which I think a lot of Wikia users appreciate. Plus, we'll definitely need the extra help once we do become more active, and it'll be easier to have a line of applicants ready than just "analyzing" everyone (which is kind of why I've been doing so far).

Obviously there will need to be a specific list of qualifications for each category: admin, rollback, and chatmod. In the past, all I've done is look at how active the user is, how they edit, and how they get along with other users (both on- and off-wiki). We could use similar information for making qualifications in each category, and maybe add more if needed.

Thoughts? Ideas?... Yea? Nay? Meh?