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Social Media Expansion?

Another one of my brainstormed suggestions. This is something I've wanted input from the community on for a while now...

We keep our editors informed of wiki stuff and recent franchise news outside of the wiki through our social media profiles. And from the stats I receive from each profile, they're very useful and quite effective! Social media is the ideal way nowadays to get word out about something, and with the wiki currently lacking in activity, we'll need all the help we can get.

Currently the wiki uses Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, but I've been wondering if maybe we should expand outside of those?

Expansion ideas

While brainstorming, I've been trying to think about what platforms are popular, used by a decent amount of people, and (more importantly) which ones might have a KFP following in them. These are my top three suggestions:

  • Tumblr - If there is any consideration on expanding our social media, this is at the top of the priority list. I've noticed that a LOT of KFP fans like to hang around Tumblr, which is why this would be the best choice set up camp there. A plus is that DreamWorks has a Tumblr, which could be very useful for the future content-wise when KFP3 kicks into gear.
  • Instagram - This choice seems to be a little easier to use compared to Tumblr, though I'm not 100% sure about its KFP following. I noticed DreamWorks has an Instagram profile, as well as a few of their artists that are working on KFP3, which I think are good enough reasons to maybe set one up.
  • Pinterest - This is the lowest of the three, though not really completely out of consideration. I have no idea if there are KFP pinners out there, but it's a social media site centered around pictures, which we'll definitely have a lot of.
  • (Any others? Post about them in the comments.)

Let me know your thoughts about these in the comments, as well as any other social media platform ideas. KFP fans seem to be everywhere, but we want to get somewhere that will be most effective for grabbing KFP fans' attention.


Also, something worth mentioning here: If we do end up expanding into other social media platforms, then I'll need some help with managing them. I'm well off (so far) with managing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by myself, but I may need some help with YouTube and any other profiles we add for the wiki.

More details will come later once we've decided if we'll actually expand our social media, but if anyone is interested, feel free to make mention of it. We'll work out all the details at a later date. :)

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I think a Wiki Tumblr would be an excellent way to tell the Fandom about our little home here, and to share information alike. I would love to be apart of managing something like that! So I'm going to nominate myself. 


^ Awesome! I was secretly hoping you would; I really like the way you have your own Tumblr page set up, and I can tell you know what you're doing with it.

As I mentioned, we'll work out more of the details later, but I think for now we'll just plan on getting a Tumblr. I'll let you know when we'll officially get started on it. :)


Okay Zaralith, I think it's about time. Sorry, I really should've gotten this underway when the holidays began so we could've used the extra time to get it started, but I ended up being really busy this year. -_- I also originally wanted to start around this time because we would've had only a year left until KFP3 was released, but now with the extra time we have until March of next year, I think it will be advantageous to get as much Tumblr content out as we can.

Sound good? Are you ready?


I can definitely relate in terms of being busy. I was expecting my winter holidays to be quiet and slow, but they were, in fact, quite the opposite. I would love to get that started right away, however, as I've got some time tomorrow and next weekend to get it all set up :) While I originally thought of just creating a new Tumblr linked to my current one, I was wodnering if it would be appropriate and efficient to create a new email for a new  Tumblr account, one that we could both access at any given time. Of course, that is entirely up to you! 

I am as ready as I'll ever be!


Great! Glad I wasn't the only one busy during the holidays. :)

And actually, I've already taken that step. I also realized that it would be much more efficient for both of us to do social media managing from one account than to share personal information from personal accounts. So I went ahead and already set up a Gmail for the wiki (under the name "kungfupandawiki"). Hopefully you're okay with using Gmail; from my own emailing experience, Gmail has always been the better option because it's simple, well-known, easy-to-use, and does a lot of auto-managing. Plus, Google has some other useful online collaboration tools like Drive and Docs that Gmail (obviously) will have direct access to. Don't know if we'll ever need to use them, but if we do, they're there just in case. :)

Also, for my sake in getting used to Tumblr's functions, I went ahead and created a starter page for the wiki's Tumblr earlier today, located here. I've done my best in getting it started (choosing a temporary design, following blogs, liking and reblogging posts, etc.), but please still let me know your thoughts on it. I'll definitely need some help in sprucing the design up, so that's one task we could start on. The rest will be just content managing, and I'll let you know more about that later.

Now I just need to send you the login information for the accounts. I was thinking of private messaging your Tumblr with the wiki's Tumblr - that way you won't have to publicly post your email on here. Would that work for you? Or do you maybe have another preference?


I've never used Gmail personally, but it shouldn't be a problem :) I like what you've done so far, I feel like it could use a nice background. Perhaps a still from one of the movies, or something of your own creation! I know I've got a few background-esque images lying around. It could also use its own banner, since the layout is comprised of public-blog contents (such as the title at the top, unlike mine which is a personal blog layout, for example) content-aware of course to match the theme of the blog. 

I'm not the best at designing layouts. I've struggle with it my whole life to be honest. I feel like you'd do much better at it, but I'm willing to contribute absolutely anything necessary to that process. Also, on a side note, Tumblr has a built in Google Adsense feature, which allows users to run ads on their blogs. Not that I'm saying we should ever monetize it, I don't think I would ever want to subject fans of Kung Fu Panda to such things, but it is there if you ever consider something like that. There is a lot of potential revenue, considering how popular the blog WILL become. 

Finally, yes, a PM/ask on Tumblr with the account credentials is complete fine. I look forward to working together with you in this :)


Awesome - I'll send you the details then. :)

Also, fair warning: Not sure if this will happen or not (it did to my personal Gmail a few months ago), but when you first try to log in to the Gmail account, it may or may not lock you out. Google has a security system that detects when there's a "strange login" from a different location. If this happens, let me know and I will need to clear that up manually.


I'm not sure if you sent them yet or not, but I haven't received them yet. If you did, and I don't have them, then maybe just email me zaralith@outlook.com :P


Hmm, that's strange. I sent you an "ask" message on your Tumblr, and it said it was received. But if you say you didn't get it, then I guess I'll just send you an email. Haha, sorry about that.

EDIT: Just sent the email now.


The email was recevied, thanks! And I didn't have any trouble signing into either of the accounts. I'm giving the Manager Doc a readover now.