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I recently brainstormed a handful of suggestions for the wiki, and I think this is a good place to start...

I've noticed lately that there isn't a whole lot going on around here; aside from the occasional additions/fixes to a few articles, the wiki is kind of dead at the moment. This could be for a wide variety of reasons (busy lives, off-season for the franchise, etc.), but I think one of the big ones is that no one really knows what to do around here. The way we currently have wiki tasks set up is unclear, especially for newer editors.

So, what I think might help is if we organize some kind of system with wiki projects.

The (broad) scope

Rather than just throwing out random suggestions for improving the wiki (like lists of articles that need "improving"), we can have entire pages or threads with more specific tasks that can behave as a checklist. This kind of system would help us keep track of prioritized tasks, and when they do or don't get done.

Along with having organized tasks, we can also get people more involved. If someone wanted to focus on just one or two particular projects, we could gather those people together as a team to tackle a specific list of tasks. But this will be an eventual goal, of course, because we're not that plentiful on editors currently. For now we could just have an open task list for each project.

For discussion

I'm not sure of all the rest of the details yet, which is one of the purposes of posting it here in the Forums. I'll post mine as they come, but here are a few things we should work out:

  • What kind of projects we should have
  • How we should organize the projects (On a separate namespace page? Here in the Forums?)
  • What you personally would want to be involved with

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Here's my working list of project ideas: (Pay no attention to the names; they're just broad titles to describe the project.)

  • Reference checkers - Checking references to make sure they still work, are credible, are used correctly in the article, etc. Maybe also tackling some of the pages that need sources?
  • Wiki file organizers - Making sure every file (image & video) has a description, licensing info, and has been properly categorized. I'll definitely need help with this kind of project.
  • Page formatters - Making sure each article is displaying the right format (headers, infoboxes, etc.) and is consistent with the others.
  • Media patrollers - Checking the media to make sure the wiki's content is up-to-date, and maybe keeping close tabs on upcoming releases?

That's all I have so far. I'll be posting more as they come.


^I'm in favor of having more help, but I don't see many (if any) people volunteering to do these things...


As I mentioned, specific project groups will be a future goal because of our current shortage on regular editors. For now the projects can be treated as just an open set of editing tasks, that's all.

I'm also open to other project suggestions, if these really won't be enough to get people interested in editing the wiki more. They seem like common wiki tasks to me, and they're ones that I believe need attention from editors. They're at least good for providing options to users rather than just having them browse articles for typos.


Another idea for a project set: Maybe have project groups dedicated to particular kinds of articles (characters, locations, etc.)? I've seen wikis with larger communities do this, and it seems to work well for them. And we have plenty in each category that we could use a team of editors to focus on each of them.

Another note: I think the best way to accomplish this task of how to display these lists of projects and tasks is to bring back the Community Portal. I removed it nearly a year ago because it wasn't in great use, but now I believe it could be extremely helpful in organizing these wiki projects. I'm already working on what kind of layout and sections the portal page should have; let me know if any of you have ideas.

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