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Day 23:   Chinese Architecture

Artistic architecture

Continuing with our event's current theme on the Kung Fu Panda franchise's portrayal of Chinese culture. our next stop on our tour of the culture is the ancient and majestic Chinese architecture!

This is another very unique feature in the orient—the design can be recognized by anyone around the world. And what's even cooler than that? They've designed their buildings and structures similarly (if not the same way) for thousands of years! Now the design's been made into one of many symbols for their culture. During the Kung Fu Panda artistic team's trip to China, they had a look at this ancient architectural style and went to great lengths to capture all the details just right for the films. In addition, they used repetitive patterns and added motifs to further emphasize and illustrate the unique architectural designs. Thanks to all their hard work, we, as their audience, get more eye candy. :)

Like yesterday, share anything you'd like on the subject. Here are some specific discussion questions to get you started:

  • What do you like/dislike about Chinese architecture?
  • Are there any buildings or structures from the franchise that you especially like?
  • What kind of building or structure are you're hoping to see in the future?