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Day 22: Chinese Landscape

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Yesterday, we introduced our event's current theme on the Kung Fu Panda franchise's portrayal of Chinese culture. Today, we begin our tour of the culture by taking our first stop at the ancient and visually stunning Chinese landscape.

The Kung Fu Panda team at DreamWorks Animation really worked hard on this aspect of Chinese culture in the films, starting with concept art. In case some of you didn't know, during production on the second film, the team's artistic crew took a trip to China to get a solid perspective of the culture—a large part of it including the landscape. As a result, we (the audience) received massive amounts of eye candy rich with the unique authenticity of the country's environment. I'd personally like to know exactly how much time goes into just landscaping because it's such a large part of the films, and it requires so much detail to put into an animated film, let alone a piece of paper or a canvas.

For today's discussion activity, I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about the franchise's work on landscaping. Share anything you'd like on the subject, and here are some specific questions:

-- What do you like/dislike about it?

-- Which landscape is your favorite (so far)?

-- Is there any kind of specific landscaping you're hoping to see in the future?

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**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 22, 2013**

I really love the Kung Fu Panda landscape! Most of all the Sacred Pool of Tears and the Dragon Grotto because they're so...pure and natural...and old... I think it's quite mystical... But I too love the Bamboos Forest for the same reason... And the small house which Shifu "flees" into in "Ghost of Oogway"...

I'd like to see more of these places...and of cause of the Jade Palace! ;-)



Not much to say about KFP's landscapes except... they're purdy. Especially in the art books.


**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY IDNpandamaster ON JUNE 23, 2013**

The best landscape from all animation movies that i ever see, they're beautiful and it must be hard to make it. Nothing to say again, they're AWESOME!!!!!


**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 23, 2013**

Thank you animation directors of KFP! You made the landscape look soooooooo amazing and vast and beautiful that I wish I could go to China even more when I see it.


The movies are amazing! with the references to real life chinese locations!   As it turns out, the valley of peace is named after a real location. It is located in the cayo district of belize in central america.

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