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Day 19:   Kung Fu Panda Books

What do you like/dislike about the KFP books?

Alongside the franchise's shorts and video games, another major part and effective way of storytelling is in one of the oldest, classic forms of it: reading it in a book!

Just like the video games, the franchise isn't primarily a book franchise, and yet they're still really popular in the fandom. It's another way for the franchise to reach to other audiences (or to the same ones in a different way), and there are a number of different kinds of books that can be made. The first "official" book in the franchise was The Art of Kung Fu Panda, which is now an extreme rarity (if not impossible) to buy. A number of storybooks and novels for children have also been made, as well as some interactive / instructional books like recipe or cookbooks (most of which have been converted into apps). Now the most recent and numerous books are from Ape Entertainment's KFP comics, which I hear is still going strong. :)

Our open discussion activity today will go just like yesterday's: What do you like/dislike about the franchise's books? Any favorites? What do you hope to see (or see more of) in the future?

We'll also have another poll. But this time, rather than voting for your favorite separate book, vote for your favorite kind of book to read from the franchise:

What kind of Kung Fu Panda book is your favorite to read?

Created: June 19, 2013
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