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Day 16: Character Spotlight - Mr. Ping

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With today being Father's Day, I thought it would be appropriate to have a father theme today. And how better to do that than with one more character spotlight on another important character to the franchise? :) Presenting our featured character for the day: the loveable noodle shop owner, Mr. Ping!

For today's discussion activity, we'll of course have another open discussion for Mr. Ping; share whatever you want about him. But for a specific focus, feel free to share your opinion on one or both of these:

-- What qualities does Mr. Ping possess and bring to the franchise's story? Or better yet (as a reflection of our previous heroes and villains theme), what makes Mr. Ping a hero? Mr. Ping certainly has done a lot for Po since finding him outside the shop, but what exactly does Mr. Ping do as a father that makes him heroic and important to the franchise's story?

On that same note...

-- What significance does the father role have in the franchise's story arc? If no one's noticed before, there have been lots of father characters in the franchise thus far (Shifu, Shifu's father, Po's biological father, Shen's father, Viper's father, Taotie, Han Sr., the occasional villager with his child, etc.) Clearly there's an ongoing theme in the franchise. But for what purpose? What does a father do that's so important to storytelling?

Same drill as always: Feel free to share lists, example scenes, personal experiences, or whatever else. And remember to have fun! :)

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Dual Energon

*Note: To keep consistent with this year's dates, I've switched the archive date of this blog around. The original topic scheduled for today, "The Return of Legends of Awesomeness", will instead be posted on June 22.


**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 16, 2013**

Well, what Mr. Ping makes heroic is that though Po didn't chose the way he wished he would, he still loves and supports him and is proud of him, too! - That's not that often! Plus he himself gave Po the idea to understand the Dragon Scroll and even changed his own view of life a bit! I suppose, that's enough for being a hero in some ways! ;-)

If we now take some of the other fathers... Who could be a better father than Shifu?! After all he was the only person who loved, cared and put trust into little orphan Tigress! That's really heroic! And don't treat him for being hard in training her! She needed and loved it and he never wanted to much of her! ...And the thing with Tai Lung wasn't his fault at all! This guy was EVIL in his heart! Nothing could change that!! On the other hand we got Shifu's father Shirong... Well, not quite that best example for a father! Sure, he explained Shifu his actions in the episode "Father Crime" but I think this was far too late! After all there was no other option for his son to think that he didn't love him!! - So Shirong is not a really good father!...

Hope that's enough to explain which skills a good father should have: Love, care, a little harshness and faith in and support for his child! <3


**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 16, 2013**

Mr. Ping is a great father who loves and cares about his son and supports Po in his decisions. I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last night and it's so sweet how Mr. Ping took Po into his home and into his heart and raised him as his own son. When Po was gone, Mr. Ping was sad and scared that he would not return. The scene at the end of the movie when they embrace and say they love each other always makes me cry. :) Mr. Ping is awesome!!


**ORIGINALLY POSTED BY IDNpandamaster ON JUNE 20, 2013**

He's a GREAT father........


I have to agree, Mr. Ping is a great father and hero. He is always ready to listen, very patient with others, most of the time. Mr. Ping is also a great father because he accepted that his son loved kung fu and was willing to let Po do what he loved. What also makes Mr. Ping a great father is that embarrasses his child just like any father would in my opinion ;)



In my opinion.

Ping took an infant under his wing and raised him with love and compassion.

He accepted that Po wasn't like him, and loved his son regardless of what choice his son made.

He can give golden advice. Just like Oogway.

To top it off:

"I love you Dad."

"I love you too Son."

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