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Day 7:   Heroes vs. Villains

It's now been about a week since the beginning of this wiki event. Hope you're still all having fun with this! We're now going to transition from the franchise in general to the details that form it, starting with the franchise's story arc. :)

What defines someone as a hero/villain?

One of the common themes with Kung Fu Panda is the sense of good vs. evil, or heroes vs. villains. A good majority (if not all) of stories today have a focus on this theme. Think about the other movies and TV shows you've seen, books you've read, games you've played, or whatever else with a story in it, and you'll most likely find that there's a "hero" and a "villain" of some kind in just about every one of them.

But what exactly makes these characters heroic/villainous? Is it their appearance? Abilities? Goals? Intentions? Background? Circumstances? The list really can go on and on, which is why we're making it the event activity for the day. :)

Here are today's discussion questions:

  • What do YOU think makes someone a hero/villain?
  • What kind of qualities do they typically possess?
  • Which ones do you think are most important to the role?
  • (Whatever else you feel like discussing that's related to the topic.)

Feel free to give your answer however you wish: give an in-depth analysis, make a bulletpoint list, share a personal experience, etc.

Some things I feel I need to clarify:

  • You don't need to come to a fully formed/conclusive answer. Think of this as a brainstorming activity for the entire community—nothing will be fully developed, and neither side will be "better".
  • On that same note, one of the purposes of this activity is to open everyone's perspectives to both sides of a story. This being, we're not picking "favorites" or which is more "correct". The blog title kind of suggests that we're trying to decide which is better or "cooler", but we're not. This is why I decided against having a planned poll for today ("Heroes or villains?") because it's contradictory to this purpose. This is a discussion activity primarily based on your own opinions, so no one (nor either side) is right or wrong.
  • We're not focusing on specific characters YET. This is why we're opening with this blog on general heroes and villains—we'll be spotlighting characters in the days to come. You can give brief examples from characters, but don't make that the basis of your answer. Save it for their spotlight day. ;)

So aside from all of that, let's see what we can come up with. As always: have fun! :)