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Day 6:   Happy Anniversary, Kung Fu Panda!
Kung fu panda poster
Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Open-ended Trailer 2

Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Open-ended Trailer 2

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the day—the epicenter of our entire celebration here on the Kung Fu Panda Wiki! Five years ago today, Kung Fu Panda was first released in U.S. theaters, marking the beginning of an internationally successful and popular franchise. This is the point where, if this was a big house party, I'd signal for the balloons and confetti to drop from the ceiling, and then roll out the gigantic cake.

I hope everyone here is still happy to be celebrating this, because I'm still having tons of fun! And this franchise definitely deserves the large celebration we're having for it. I've seen through everyone's comments and messages (both on the blogs and the social networking accounts) that people really love and feel connected to this film. It's amazing that one hour-and-a-half-long animated film changed people the way it did, and how it's still continuing to inspire people all around the world. There's only a handful of franchises that can do that, and I'm sure happy this is one of them. :)

There are so many things we could do for today's celebration activity, but we're going to keep it simple again: Post your favorite quote and/or scene from the film, and then give us your explanation of why it's your favorite (or one of your favorites, if you feel pressured in the decision).

Again, you're welcome to submit repeats and as many as you'd like, but be lenient on new images so our galleries remain clutter-free. Thanks everyone—have fun! :)