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Day 5:   "Kung Fu Panda is __________."

"Kung Fu Panda is..."

Here's something new for today! So far we've been featuring a lot of the "big" questions about the franchise (in preparation for the big, official celebration tomorrow)—now it's time for something simple, easy, and to-the-point:

Using one word or a short phrase, describe the franchise.

I know, this may be our greatest challenge ever (name that movie!) because there's simply too much to love to squeeze into one sentence. But that's why we're doing this as a community activity, so we can comprise all of our awesome ideas together into one.

These can be simple, meaningful, wacky, funny, or any other kind of word/phrase—just as long as they're creative and unique. You're also free to submit as many as you'd like. So go crazy with this and have fun! :)