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Day 4: What I Learned From Kung Fu Panda

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This is another topic I'm surprised was never made into a discussion blog on here. It may have been briefly mentioned in others, but it hasn't yet been given a separate discussion—until now, that is! :)

I'm treating this topic kind of like a follow-up to yesterday's Why We Love Kung Fu Panda blog. Reviewing more new comments showed me two things:

-- The franchise is, indeed, a lot more than just stuff for kids. There are many, many moments where there is a strong presence of depth, symbolism, foreshadowing, and other story aspects that aren't simply (or quickly) comprehensible by young children. It's one of the things I love about DreamWorks—they've made these films in such a way that it's not only suitable for all ages, but also gives you something to think about, evaluate, and/or relate to.

That being said...

-- A lot of you feel a personal connection to this franchise. I can definitely relate to this as well. I've seen a little bit of myself in a lot of the characters (particularly the main characters), and I've also gone through similar experiences as the ones shown in the franchise.

So let's form another list today: What did you learn from Kung Fu Panda? What has it taught you about something, in particular yourself? What kind of things did you yourself think about, evaluate, and/or relate to? Use quotes, examples, personal experiences, or whatever else you'd like to illustrate your point. :)

Two extra things to remember about this:

-- If there are too many things for you to list, then don't worry about covering them all. Just do one or two in one comment, then come back and submit another if you feel like it. I don't want anyone feeling overwhelmed by such a large topic. :)

-- This list is more focused on your personal opinion rather than successfully forming a comprehensive list, so feel free to repeat something that someone else may have already mentioned.

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Dual Energon


I am going to agree with you onehundred percent on the account that I feel a personal connection to this franchise, but not just this franchise alone, more like the Kung Fu Panda universe itself. As I stated in a previous comment on another blog, Kung Fu Panda is sort of my escape from reality, a place I can go to be a part of something I love, something I can really relate to.

As for the blog question, What I Learned From Kung Fu Panda?. To put simply, I'm not sure if I have leared all that much. I have spent more time enjoying it and making myself a part of it rather than "learning" from it. There's also the sense that I probably have learned a lot, but didn't realize it. I know for a fact though that it taught me the meaning of determination and self-motivation, two things I never really had before, but started thinking about recently because of Kung Fu Panda. 

I know there's definitely underlying meanings and lessons to be learned from the franchise, but I honestly can't point them out at the moment. Maybe I'm just too tired. I'll check back tomorrow when I've got some energy to think!

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There's very lot of lessons, like:

- Never judge a book from it's cover

- "Nothing is Impossible" Oggway

- "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes avoid it" Oggway

- "There are no accidents" Oggway

- Every thing will grow to what it will be

- Soothsayer to Po "Your story may not have such a happy beginning... but that does not make you who you are. It is the rest of your story... who you choose to be..."

- "We cannot give up hope! Po would want us to remain strong, hardcore. Right... Tigress?" Taugh me to remain strong and keep hope

- Po to Shen "You should, Shen. You gotta let go of that stuff from the past 'cause it just doesn't matter! The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.", Everything that you choose/do, will affect your future.

It just a little bit. The story taugh me so many lessons, and several from it can't be explained with words. Plus, the lessons make KFP different from the others. Panda Forever and Ever!!!!!!

Maybe I should make an account.




Okay.. okay... uhm... I learned plenty things from KFP

First, as most people say here ; never judge a book from its cover. Who can guess that actually, a big fat panda, who used to be a noodle seller, can be a great warrior. The Five, at first, didn't learn it as they only believed that Po is only no more than a stupid panda.

Second, Nothing is impossible. Like Master Oogway says. Everything can be happening, good or bad things. Even Tai Lung, one of the villain, though he had been prisoned in the great prison, which there's only one way in and one way out, guarded by one thousan rhinos, with all their weapons, still can escaped only by helping of one feather (and of course, his Kung Fu skill). So, keep watching around you cause nothing is impossible. And who knows, you who are nothing can be something big someday. Why? Because Nothing is impossible.

Third, Keep dreaming because dream can lead you to what you wanna be. Po had been wanting to be a great warrior and he did everything to be the one, including by trying to watch his idols performing their Kung Fu and what's next? Po is being choosen as the dragon warrior. Again, nothing is impossible.

Fourth, To solve a problem, what you need to first is to settle down. Remember what Oogway told to Shifu? The part when he said to settle down and the answer will become clear?

Fiveth, To reach something you desired, sometimes you must sacrifice one thing you had so you'll get easier to get what you want. Po when he was trying to climb up the stairs heading to Jade Palace left his cart behind.

Sixth, Don't ever give up. Though The Five and Shifu didn't like Po, wishing him to leave The Jade Palace, but Po kept staying to get his dream ; living alonside his idols.

Seventh, There are no accident. So, don't doubt about every weird or strange thing happen. Like for the example, we often sees a weak guy wins againts a strong guy and it wasn't because accident. There must be a hidden power thing that helped the weak guy.

Eighth, Sometimes you can't get every stuff you desired though you feel that you deserve to get it. Master Tigress, who is the strongest member of The Five, wasn't choosen as the dragon warrior.

Nineth, Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. I'm pretty sure it's a very famous word. Oogway's right. We should leave things that had happened behind. Tomorrow is a mystery cause no one knows what will happen next. Today is a gift cause what had happened today is the effect what we had done yesterday. So, just do the good things, thinking about the future, face the tomorrow, and see what you'll get. If you get a bad things today, always remember it would be a history as the time pass.

Tenth, Everyone is different and special. So, we can't compare to each other. We have our own way to learn. Shifu, at first, believed that Po couldn't be trained because he trained him with the same way he trained to the five, until he realized that Po has his own way to learn. No stupid students. They just have to find their own way and people have different way.

Eleventh, Forget your past, especially whe it hurted you. Love is not changing someone into monster. Shifu couldn't forget what Tai Lung did to him when that snow leopard break his heart by betraying him. Shifu kept that feeling in his heart and poor little Tigress ; she didn't get love from Shifu as Shifu was afraid love would change Tigress into Tai Lung as well.

Twelveth, Obeying your master isn't a weakness.

Thirteenth, Don't love too much about something cause it would blind you. Shifu experienced it. His pride to Tai Lung had blinded him to see what Tai Lung had been becoming into. Giving love is certainly good, but if you give it in the wrong way, you'll create another Tai Lung.

Fourteen, To make something speacial, you just need to believe that it's special. Alway see and act yourself as the special one and people around will see you as the one.

Fiveteenth, You can't change your destiny but you can create your future. Lord Shen is destined to be defeated by warrior of black and white if he kept on his dark path. If only Shen stopped his ambition that time and didn't kill pandas, he would never end that way.

Sixteenth, Family is made by love. Mr. Ping isn't Po's real father but his love made him became Po's father.

Seventeenth, Your story may not have a such happy beginning, but it doesn't make who you are. It's the rest of your story, who you choose to be. So, whatever our past, good or bad, it doesn't make who actually we are. We're free to write our own story, to be what we want. And we have the right about it. We're free to choose our future and it does not depend on our past.

Eighteenth, Anything is possible when you have inner peace. So, don't be afraid of every threats you're scared of. As long as you have inner peace, you can conquer your nightmare. Inner peace is the key to open every doors (in my mind, hahaha... )

Well, there is more but I couldn't write all so... *cough* that's the answer I could give to you. Sorry if I offend someone cause I certainly didn't mean to

-TFR M4dG4rl



I have not time to write in the blogs, but now i have. :)

So, i learned a lot of stuff about Kung fu panda. From the first movie, i learned, that when you become a chance, do not give up, even if the others tells you it is impossible.That, you need to beleive in yourself.That the past is a history and the future- a mistery, but today is a gift and thats why its calls present. That there is no secret ingredient. That the thoughts are like the water- when they are fast, we can not understand them, but when we try to calm them, then we are going to see the answer.

From the second movie i learned, that not the start of your story makes you who you are, you are the one, who is going to choose who you want to be and the continue of your story.That you need to forgive.

From Kung fu panda Holiday special i learned, that sometimes you are the only one, who knows what is right. I am speaking about the scene, where Po choise to be whit his father on the Holiday. At first everyone tought, that this is crazy, but then they understands him and come whit him.

From kung fu panda secrets of the furios five i learned, that we need to try again,when something does not work at the start. And not give up. :)

I learned from Kung Fu Panda is to be yourself and everything will fall into place.

what i learned and what the movie gave the lesso was of "Believe".Now i can do anything what others can do,my believe has become way too much stronger.


In the third film, it seems that we learn things through steps to achieve to be themselves and not be like others, regardless if you are not serious and / or wise.


1. " You're story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. Its what you choose to be." - Soothsayer 

2. " If you only do what you can do, you'll never be more then you are now." - Master Shifu 

3. " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift." - Master Oogway 

4. True strength comes from within.

5. Family, are the ones that care for you, not just the ones related.

6. BELIEVE, in oneself.


I've learnt that:


2. Inner Peace is a great cure to Depression.

3. "Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story. Who you choose to be."

4. Blood ties in a family don't matter. ("I love you Dad." "I love you too Son.")


I've learnt that:

  1. Inner Peace is a great cure to Depression.
  2. "Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story. Who you choose to be."
  3. Blood ties in a family don't matter.
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