(Continuing from mine and Vapor's discussion on getting rid of the shipping blogs. Anyone is free to contribute to this if they want.)

VaporMist said:
It's not just that it's annoying, it's how it's been more of a hindrance to the wiki than anything, way more than stuff like the badge system was. The cons far outweigh the pros, and I don't see how moving it to the forums would really change anything.

Well, the badge thing (I think) was a different matter, especially because it was (and still is) flawed. But anyway, this discussion isn't about the badges...

I should've posted about this weeks ago, but here's why I'm trying to be supportive of (or trying to revise, rather) the socializing activities on this wiki - shipping discussions included:

I've been conflicted about social activities on here since I first came to the wiki. ("How does this help our articles?", "This is a wiki, not a forum or fan club," and all that stuff.) Particularly just before "30 Days" was about to start, I wasn't sure whether the event's discussion activities should take place on the forums or the blogs. Then that led to me thinking about how we keep our social activities organized, and how the blogs weren't really helping with it. So I decided to seek some advice from some other editors on Wikia, and around that time this staff blog was posted. I left this comment, and two users (one being the staff member who posted the blog) gave some pretty good feedback.

In sum, this is what they said:

  • Community socializing can help bring in new editors who maybe don't want/don't know how to edit articles.
  • It helps new editors to connect with other users and feel more comfortable with editing. (This is why they think it wouldn't be a drawback or hindrance to the wiki, which is one of my biggest concerns.)
  • Because our topic is more directed towards younger people, socializing is a definite draw-in for new editors.
  • It can help make the wiki more successful by having not only an encyclopedic resource, but also a fan discussion area. (This is something I think will be important later, particularly when KFP3 starts to kick into high-gear in the media.)
  • Forums are better to host social activities than blogs because (1) they only show up once in the Activity list; (2) there's less of a chance to have repeated topics (if we organize it right); and (3) it allows you to mix up conversations: wiki-related and subject-related.

I'm not saying that these two users know 100% everything to managing wiki socializing (although the staff member definitely has more experience than I do), but I do think we should at least give their suggestions a try. And if we see that it's not working out here, then we can always change it up later.

So more specific to the shipping discussions, it's for sure one of the more popular subjects in the fandom. I wish it wasn't, but it is. If we're going to give the social stuff a try, we need to have at least one thread or board with ships.