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New Trailer, Images, Release Date for The Paws of Destiny Released

Late on this post, but oh well. Still getting used to the limited features of Discussions. Apparently there can only be one image on a post, and no way to post additional images or even videos. Also can't use wiki text formatting, which means I can't even add the new synopsis properly.

So that said, all new information about the show has been added to its wiki page HERE. Feel free to share your thoughts about it here in this thread.

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Is Master Shift based off Master Sennin-Sama from Dragonball?

I was reading the Dragon Ball manga and when I got to chapter 85 there was this one guy who acted almost exactly how Master Shifu acted towards Po when Po wanted the noodles, but this time it was over some holy water and towards Gokuu. This brought up the question: Is Shifu based off Sennin-Sama? (Read from right to left)

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KFP sequel

now I know you guys are KFP fans and so am I lmao. But I have come to tell you that it has been confirmed that the awesome panda, Po will be back in a 4th KFP movie :O

Are you excited?
  • Yea but not really
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Episodes of LoA that you liked?

I know that LoA tends to be the punching bag of the franchise given it's lesser animation quality and even lesser writing quality, but there do seem to be some episodes that even some of the show's detractors like.

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How can Kung Fu Panda 4 learn from Kung Fu Panda 3?

In 2008 Kung Fu Panda was easily one of the best animated films created for its combination of humor, character progression, and great action pieces. The second film, like Empire Strikes Back, went a darker route, and while the humor was arguably better in the first film, it’s focus on Po’s backstory and the life or death threat presented by Shen’s weapons created an experience more enjoyable than the first movie. So what happened in the third film? Not a lot. Watching Po sleep in and roll around is not very enjoyable, and the humor at least for my tastes was quite lacking. With very little interaction from the furious 5, a villain that ultimately wasted the potential of J.K. Simmons, and the cringe worthy “Chit chat” scene, what do you think Kung Fu Panda 4 could learn from the third film?
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Wiki Anniversary Avatars

Happy 10th Anniversary, everyone! As a special anniversary present to all the awesome Kung Fu Panda fans/followers here on the wiki and its social media accounts, I've prepared a batch of Kung Fu Panda-themed avatars (https://kungfupanda.wikia.com/wiki/User:Spottedstar/Avatars), featuring the main and supporting characters of the first film. Feel free to use them on your wiki and social media profiles to celebrate 10 years of Kung Fu Panda!
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First Look at The Emperor's Quest (SPOILERS)

Inside the attraction theater
Po is back in fighting form at Universal Studios Hollywood.
The martial arts and dumpling-loving Dragon Warrior stars in Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest the first attraction for the newly built DreamWorks Theatre, which opens its doors on June 15. ...

**SPOILER ALERT!** Plot and/or ending details follow below.  Skip section ↓   More info...
The 241 luxury theater seats swivel and turn to take in the action as Po goes on a new quest — with his adopted duck father Mr. Ping and the red panda Master Shifu — to bring the Liquid of Ultimate Power to the Palace for the Emperor.
The mission is hijacked by the villainous Kang Wolf who wields the stolen Ming Hammer, a relic so powerful that it knocks foes into the spirit world.
Po and his sidekicks battle Kang in this ethereal world, along raging rivers and into the Emperor's Palace.

-- USA Today

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End of spoilers.  Back to original tag ↑
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Staff Openings

Hi all, just a heads-up that I'll be on the lookout for some new wiki staff. The former staff were all inactive for too long, so they were recently removed and now some spots have opened up.
Currently I'm prioritizing rollbacks and thread moderators. (Not looking for chat moderators because I never see the chat box being used. Still a nice feature to have though, which is why I haven't simply disabled it yet.) Criteria for each has been detailed below. I've also recently updated the "How to be promoted" section of the wiki administration page with more general criteria.
Not doing anything too formal about this - no applications, eliminations, time frames or the like. Just brief background & activity checks, and then just going by my best judgment in my own time.
If anyone is interested and meets good standards of the criteria, please let me know (either in this thread or on my wall). Again, no apps, but you'll be put on a short list. After that, I'll discern when the appropriate time to appoint people will be. Let me also know if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks! --§ρøττεδςταrღ(talk)
Looking for at least 2 people
Edits actively on the wiki (quality mainspace edits, not spamming user page edits and the like) for at least a couple of weeks
No history of spam/vandalism on this or any other wiki
No history of previous staff termination a plus
Basic understanding of how the rollback button works, especially:
Knowing the difference between a troll edit and a good-faith edit
Rollback experience on other wikis not required, but a plus
Rollback troll edits - basically keep any spam/vandalism at bay
Thread moderators
Looking for at least 1 person
Edits actively on the wiki (quality mainspace edits, not spamming user page edits and the like) for at least a month
No history of spam/vandalism on this or any other wiki
No history of previous staff termination a plus
Knows how the wiki forums work as far as functions and content
Gets along well with other users; i.e. doesn't start heated arguments, knows how to maturely conduct (or possibly intervene in) a conversation/debate
Moderating experience on other wikis not required, but a plus
Remove comments that break any forum rules (off-topic, short "Yes I agree" posts, etc.)
Edit comments for formatting purposes, stating somewhere (on the comment itself or in the thread's first post) that you made edits
Move threads that have been posted in the wrong board
Close threads that have finished conversations, no activity, or are being moved elsewhere
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Weapons of KFP 1, 2 and 3

Some of the weapons seen and used in the movies are pretty straight forward in what they are no research or guess work required but others are difficult to find (If you'll pardon the pun) hide or hair of, my question spesifically has to do with the paired weapons seen being used be master storming ox in KFP2 and master bear in KFP3 I don't know if these weapons and different types of the same weapon or two different weapons but i can't find anything like them in my search, help please.
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Is the LOA Version of Po a Jerk?

Does anyone think that the Legends of Awesomeness version of Po is a Jerk? And if you think so, give me an example why you think that.
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Kung Fu Panda Spin-Off Movie with Tigress as Main Character

So you know how they did a spin off movie for Puss in Boots from Shrek? Well, it got me thinking. What if they make a Kung Fu Panda spin off movie with Tigress as the main character?

Now don't get me wrong, I like Kung Fu Panda a lot. But one problem I have is that Tigress doesn't seem to get much of a spotlight. I mean, she didn't get to fight until near the end of the first movie. In the second one, she definitely had a bigger role, but didn't get to fight Shen head on. And the third was kind of in between for me. I mean, she did get to fight Kai somewhat, but all she did during the training montage was avoid the little girl Panda. For Legends of Awesomeness, some of the episodes that had Tigress were AWESOME, but I DID NOT like the episode "The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding". I mean, COME ON! It's not fun to see your favorite character get beaten and then get taunted without mercy, especially from Po.

Anyway, I have gone WAY off track. Back with the idea for a spin-off movie: Tigress would be the main character. She ends up finding out something about her past and decides to go on a Journey to discover her heritage. Along the way, she would meet a male Tiger who ends up tagging along. Po, Shifu, and the rest of the Furious Five would end up joining them, and there probably would be a rivalry going between Po and the male Tiger. In the end, Tigress discovers her heritage, what happened to her parents, and ends up coming full circle of who she is. I also had the idea that the male Tiger would be voiced by Chris Pratt (Lego Movie, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Magnificent Seven).

So yeah. Just wanted to get this idea out in the open and see what any of you think of it.
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Bug "This video is not encoded on your device."

For some reason, when I try to play any video on here, I keep getting an error that says "This video is not encoded on your device," I went to avatar wiki to see if it was a Wikia wide problem but avatar wiki seems to be working fine since they still use youtube as a way to watch videos. I went to a few other Wikia's with also no issues with the videos. It appears to be an isolated issue with this wiki. Any suggestions on what the issue could possibly be.
Edit: It appears to be the video player itself as a few videos that are linked from youtube play fine, I just think that I need to find out the codec for the player and download it because I am having that same issue on Microsoft edge with that same video player. Hmm wired, it seems to be videos that are posted from the Wikia Video Library.
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New Kung Fu Panda Series In the Works

Via The Nightfly with Dave Juskow featuring exec. producer/showrunner for DreamWorks Animation Mitch Watson. Talks about it @1:19:42 in the audio clip, mentioning that it'll be serialized, released on Amazon, more like the films, and will bring back Mick Wingert as Po.

March 15, 2018: Potential title revealed
April 12, 2018: Title confirmed, summary & release period revealed
May 23, 2018: Show score composer revealed
EDIT (April 20, 2018): Cleaned up some of the thread's stacked blockquotes, in the interest of keeping it from being too long to scroll through. Just FYI if you notice your message has been edited by me.
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Kung Fu Panda Ships

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where people can talk about which KFP characters they ship ;).  My main ships are TiShen and TiPo ^-^
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Detailed location maps?

Are there schematics, blueprints, or any picture that shows China with all the locations mentioned in the KFP universe (Gongmen City, Lee Da Academy, Wu Fortress for example) and the Jade Palace (everything from high to low - between the first stairstep to the Hall of Warriors). Doesn't matter if it is canon or fan-made.
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Wanted pages

So...the Wanted Pages list is quite lengthy, isn't it? We probably have even more than are indicated since the maximum limit is 1000. I notice a number of them do appear to be redlinks to old polls/blog posts that have since been deleted-don't suppose an admin could do anything about those?
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The Galapagos Islands in Kung Fu Panda

Hey guys! I'm new here, only been here a few days so far, so I thought I'd start a discussion.

We know about Oogway's homeland, the Galapagos Archipelago, as being where he was born, but nothing else. It's never shown, never mentioned, only on the website for the first movie.

Probably no one apart from Oogway fans like myself wonders what the Islands were like, especially during the time of his youth when he still lived there. What was the society like? The culture? The language? Oogway's childhood? Unless Dreamworks makes a prequel about Oogway, we'll probably never know what the Islands were like during Oogway's time.

One thing we do know. Oogway is about a thousand years old. The Galapagos Islands weren't known by the Europeans that long ago. They've only been known for about 400 years or so. For that matter, there are no indigenous humans of the Galapagos Islands as far as we know(although the Incas briefly visited at some point, leaving behind bowls and similar artifacts, indicating a visit but not permanent settlement).

Therefore, we can't replicate Oogway's culture off a real-life Galapagos native culture because there is none. That would make worldbuilding a fictional one rather difficult. 
However, we can research real-world cultures close to the Islands for inspiration, using their languages, religion, and lifestyles as inspiration, creating what an indigenous Galapagos culture might've been like if it really existed.

Most inspiration would come from native South Americans on the west coast of the continent, like the Inca, the Cayapa, and such tribes, as well as Polynesian cultures, since they're in the Pacific Ocean like the Galapagos Islands. The native language could include words from or similar to Quechua, the language of the Incas, as well as Polynesian words.
I'm particularly inspired by Disney's Moana, as it reminds me most of the Galapagos Islands out of all the fictional depictions of primitive or native cultures(real or not) that I've seen. Or perhaps it's just because I love Moana so much. Either way, Moana serves as a great inspiration.

I've been wanting to share this with other KFP fans, so let me know what you think! Share your own ideas, your opinions, whatever you have to say!
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New DreamWorks Theatre to Feature Kung Fu Panda

Announcement promo
No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood™ where your favorite movies and television shows come to life. And now the world-famous theme park is giving you even more reasons to make this a can't-miss experience!In 2018, enter another level of awesomeness at DreamWorks Theatre Featuring Kung Fu Panda as you're immersed in a brand-new multisensory attraction. Join Master Po and the Furious Five on an unstoppable adventure of awesomeness destined to stimulate your senses, exercise your wit and unlock the hero within through the power of kung fu.
-- Universal Studios Hollywood

Promo video
DreamWorks Theatre Promo
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Chosen Species

What kind of animal would you want to be in this universe?
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