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• 8/2/2014

KFP Quote Game

In this game, you post only KFP quotes. It can be anything KFP-related; the next line, a related quote, or something more random. Feel free to mix it up. :p Just keep it to one quote per post...
Starting off:
"Who are you?"
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• 6/4/2014

Alphabet game

A simple alphabet game, KFP style.
Just name something KFP-related that starts with the next letter in the alphabet (if it gets to Z, just go to A afterwards and repeat the order).
Starting off...
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• 6/3/2014

3-Word Story Game

I want to kick off the Fun & Games board with one of my favorite forum games I used to play in a roleplaying forum years ago, called the 3-Word Story Game! :D

With everyone's help, we are going to make up an entire story consisting of only 3 words/post/person (or 3 words per post per person).

As the instructions indicate, only 3 words are allowed in a single post per person. This means that after you've added your 3 words, you must wait for someone else to post their 3 words before adding more.
To make it easier to read back: post all of the previous poster's words, and then put your words in bold. For example:
Person 1: The panda wasPerson 2: The panda was starting to dancePerson 3: The panda was starting to dance to the congaetc...

The story doesn't need to make sense in a worded form; that's the whole fun of it--making up a story with crazy words that's just as random as can be!
As with all content on this wiki, keep it clean. Let's keep it fun for all readers. ;)
Ready? I'll start off...
The Furious Five
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